World Book Day

With AMCS being a big school with a big love of reading, World Book Day is always an important day in the calendar. World Book Day 2024 was no different! Although it is technically just one day, we had activities happening all week! There was just too much to cram into one day…

The first event to take place was Jim Medway’s fantastic workshops. Jim is a published comic book artist whose work can now be found in the AMCS library, in book shops, online and in weekly comic publication, ‘The Phoenix’. Pupils in Jim’s workshop were being rewarded for showing a real passion and enthusiasm for literacy; they may have helped us as pupil librarians, or they may have excelled in literacy interventions. Either way, they deserved recognition for all their hard work! Jim taught us the fundamentals of comic book creation and helped us to be more confident authors and artists.

As the school doors opened on World Book Day itself, pupils and staff wowed everyone around them with their fantastic and inventive costumes. Around the school, you could see classic literary characters such as Harry Potter and Gandalf, as well as characters from all sorts of different novels, graphic novels, comics and mangas. It was great to see our diverse reading tastes represented in the different costumes on the day. At AMCS, we pride ourselves on being broad readers and open-minded readers who follow our interests through our reading; that is what being a life-long reader is all about!

During lunch time, we had staff vote on their favourite pupil costumes. With so many amazing costumes, it was a close call, but we were confident that our top 3 costumes were definitely worthy winners! Staff then voted on their favourite staff costume. A certain science teacher dressed as Harry Potter ran away with it, storming his way to first place! 

As we often love to do at AMCS, we took full advantage of being an all-through school by having our year 2 primary pupils over to the high school to read with pupils from the high school. We were blown away with how well our high school pupils took to working with the year 2s! Our pupils demonstrated their love of books when reading with younger children and created a warm, inviting environment, showing themselves to be positive role models.  They demonstrated the patience, warmth and emotional intelligence that it takes to work with younger children, and they should be very proud of themselves!

Next it was the primary pupils’ chance to make us proud by going to our brand-new public library! Parents, carers, pupils and staff came together in the library to celebrate reading in the local community. Everyone joined Miss Bond for a story time, and lots of pupils had the pleasure of being able to get their first library card!  We’d like to thank the staff at the library for all their help, and we look forward to working with them lots more in the future! 

On the afternoon of World Book Day, published author (and soon to be, film producer), Josh Silver came to the high school library to discuss growing up, writing dystopian fiction and life as an author. The year 8 pupils involved had some brilliant questions and were full of interesting insights about reading and writing. With one of his books being turned into a feature film, Josh is very in-demand at the moment, so we’d like to thank him for taking time out to visit us.

All in all, we had an absolute blast on World Book Day! Thank you to everyone involved in all the different events. It will be tough for World Book Day 2025 to surpass this year’s festivities, but our amazing staff and pupils are sure to rise to the challenge! 

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