Ethos & Values

Our four core values, equally important and interconnected, shape our business model from the way we work to our curriculum intent.

Our ambition is for our pupils, workforce and those that we work alongside to be…

Powerfully knowledgeable

  • A love of learning
  • An understanding of the latest technological and innovation developments and their impact on the world
  • The acquisition of problem-solving skills
  • Collaboration and independent study
  • Literacy, numeracy and communication skills
  • Achievement of academic qualifications

Global citizens

By developing…
  • Respect for themselves and respectful behaviours towards others
  • Respect for the environment and an understanding of how to protect the earth
  • An embracing attitude to diversity
  • Pride in their roots but with a passion to travel
  • Values, beliefs and morals that contribute positively to society
  • An understanding of their place in the world
  • Empathy and respect for human rights
  • A unique identity within an increasingly diverse society

Healthy & Resilient

  • Making positive lifestyle choices
  • Developing confidence and independence
  • Being able to adapt to and manage change
  • Managing emotions, attitudes and behaviours appropriately

Ambitious and Aspirational

  • Challenging expectations and ‘the status quo’
  • Being curious and creative
  • Taking advantage of opportunities beyond the classroom
  • Knowing that they have infinite potential
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