Dear Parents & Carers,

I hope this finds you all well as we near the end of another busy term.

We wrote at the end of term to inform you of a new development in home to school communication. Specifically, the investment in a new parent App called ‘My Child At School’ (MCAS). It is the intention that this will become the main way we send communications, share academic and pastoral information, set homework and eventually the way that you can pay for school lunches, trips and visits. This App will replace MYED and Satchel 1 from the beginning of the new summer term and will replace ParentPay later in the school year.  Therefore, all parents will need an MCAS and a separate ParentPay user account.

Consequently, it is essential that all parents and carers sign up to the app on their smartphone and home computer as soon as possible.

To facilitate this, you have received an email invite from ‘My Child At School’ to the email address we have on record for you. The email will detail a link to allow parents to sign up to the MCAS App. Your child will be able to access the account using their school email and they will receive homework via this portal from the start of the summer term.

Please visit the school website to access a parent guide which gives you detail on the features of the App, the advantages it will provide and also guides on how to use the various s features of the portal. It will also give you some FAQs and some troubleshooting tips. If you have any further questions or issues, please contact us at school where we will be able to help. Alternatively, please visit the MCAS App help page:

Kind regards


Mrs Worswick

Deputy Headteacher




Somali MCAS

Romanian MCAS

Persian MCAS

English MCAS


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