Congratulations to AMCS class of 2023!

We are pleased to announce that, despite the return to 2019 performance thresholds, our year 11 class of 2023 was able to maintain outcomes in line with both last year and 2019. This is despite missing almost two years of on-site formal education during the pandemic. Our pupils should be very proud of themselves.

Over half of the year group were able to achieve grades 9-4 in both English and maths whilst almost a third achieved grades 9-5 in both subjects. Pupils should also be congratulated in their very positive grades across all subject disciplines which has now prepared them for the next stage of their educational journey.

I would also like to thank our staff who have done everything they can to try to bridge any previous knowledge deficits, created during lockdown, and to support our pupils emotionally to get through what has been one of the toughest times in education.

We wish all our pupils continued health, happiness, and every success for the future.

Andrew Shakos,

Executive Headteacher

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