At Abraham Moss Community School we expect high levels of attendance and punctuality from all of our pupils. There is a clear link between attendance and attainment. As a school, we aim to achieve at least 97% attendance.

As part of our drive to achieve outstanding attendance, we have put into place a number of initiatives to reward pupils and their families for their continued support. Last year, all pupils who achieved 100% attendance were rewarded with certificates, vouchers, reward activities and reward trips.

Late to School Sanction for Secondary Pupils

95% Attendance means 10 missed school days

90% Attendance means 19 missed school days

85% attendance means 28 missed school days

There are 175 non-school days per year!

Please use these days to make appointments, go on holiday and spend time together. Remember, if your child is missing school they are missing out on valuable learning opportunities.

If you take your child out of school for extended leave please be mindful that there is a possibility that you could lose your school place.


  • All pupils must be sat in their tutor rooms ready for an 8.30am start.
  • As of September 2023, there will be one entrance and exit from school. If your child has not reached the school entrance with enough time to reach their tutor room they will be recorded as late.
  • Pupils who are late will receive a 15 minute break-time detention on the same day.
  • If a pupil misses the break detention they will have a detention for 30 mins at lunchtime on the same day.
  • If a pupil fails to attend the detention, they will be put in the SLT detention and their parents will be invited to school to meet with a member of SLT.


During hours where the school is closed there is a voicemail system where you can leave a message. To report your child absent from school please ring:

0161 532 5401 or send a message via the MCAS app.

Please ensure you state your child’s full name, their class and the reason for their absence. If you would like any support or guidance regarding your child’s attendance or punctuality please see Mrs Akhtar (Attendance Officer).


In the Secondary Phase you can report your child is absent from 8am onwards by ringing:

0161 532 5400 or send a message via the MCAS app.

Please ensure you state your child’s full name, tutor group, your full name, and contact telephone number, and full details of your child’s condition (unwell or ill is not sufficient).

Attendance Tips

High attendance is imperative to allow our pupils to achieve their full potential. The following tips may help maintain high levels of attendance in our school.

  1. Establish good habits and routines that support your child’s education. Read with them, do homework together and have strict bedtimes.
  2. Make sure uniforms are ready for the next morning.
  3. Get organised in the morning and arrive at school on time.
  4. Ensure your child understands the benefits of regular attendance; to do well academically and also to enjoy time with friends.
  5. Encourage reading at home; have magazines, newspapers and books around the house or join the library.
  6. Try to avoid unnecessary absences. Wherever possible make medical appointments outside of school hours.
  7. Take family holidays in school holiday time.
  8. Communicate with school; ring if your child is ill and send a note when they return.
  9. Build a relationship with school, attend parents’ evenings, assemblies and meetings.
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